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Before a booking, please read terms and conditions. Our ladies are happy to keep you company for minimum booking duration as follows: - Vienna, Budapest and Prague - 2, 3 and 6 hours

• Anywhere in Europe - 12 hours
• Worldwide (USA, UAE, CANADA) - 48 hours

In case of your serious interest, please let us know:

• your full name
• name of lady that you would like to meet
• place of meeting (country, city, possibly name of hotel and address of hotel)
• duration of meeting and date (if you choose meeting of 2, 3 or 6 hours let us know what time should your meeting start)
• your phone number ( cell phone - do not worry we would use it only in urgent case)

It would be ideal if you would contact us at least 1 business day prior to start of meeting, so the lady of your choice can prepare herself.

Travel expenses aren't included in the price and it is to be understood that expenses such as food, taxi, flight, accommodation are to be paid by client.
Return flight ticket for your lady must be paid completely in advance.
You can pay the ticket electronically or you can use Western Union money transfer to send amount for ticket in advance and we will take care of organising the journey.

Travel costs:

• Bratislava and Vienna - 50 Euro
• Budapest - 100 Euro
• Other destinations - return plane ticket

The payment for date with a lady has to be paid in the very beginning of the meeting directly to the lady.
The girl has the right to check the amount given to her, please do not consider this as rude.
Keep in mind that you are paying for the precious moment with a stunning young lady. Prices are fixed and not negotiable.

If you need to cancel a meeting for any reason, please let us know by email as soon as possible.

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